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So You’re Choosing Childcare?

For the first sixteen months of her life, my daughter Jayda, who at ten is already two inches taller than me, stayed with my mother or her father during the day while I worked. As she grew older, I knew…

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Raising Readers?

Summer reading. Two words that virtually guarantee eye-rolling from my two stubborn boys. When that final bell rings on the last day of school this month, all Brady and Eli want to think about is pool time, hanging out with…

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When Baby’s on the Way

Baby items are a hot topic in my house right now. Our attic is stocked with products we used with our two current little ones, and it’s a good thing. Reusing and recycling baby items is more important than ever…

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Really Big Beach Week

It’s never too early to start planning your next family vacation. In my family, the annual friends’ beach trip is the highlight of the year. And each year, around this time, we thoughtfully review the decision: Should we continue this…

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You Found a New Place?

As a young person, your first adult relocation is typically moving out of your parents’ home into a dorm, apartment, or even a house. I recall it being an exciting time when I moved into my very own apartment, a…

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