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“Can I Drive Tonight?”

I remember when it was time for my daughter to get her driver’s license. Like any other parent, I was concerned for her safety. She learned to drive in my wife’s large Suburban, so when we wanted to find a…

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Learning to Lose Like a Ninja Warrior

Up until he was seven, sports were a source of camaraderie, physical exercise, and lots of fun for my son. Matthew willingly participated in soccer, flag football, basketball, and baseball. Sports were a place where everyone won because no one…

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It’s a New Eat-ittude!

Time after time we’re told what not to eat, what not to wear, what not to think, say, do, and risk. The focus is always on the negative. From the time we’re children we’re told “no” more emphatically than we’re…

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Scrooge-Proof the Holidays!

It starts as soon as the Halloween decorations are cleared out. Sometimes, it’s even earlier. The clock starts ticking and the pressure is on to create the perfect holiday season for your family. As a mom of two children, of…

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30 Days of Gratitude

  It’s that time of year again! Everybody is gearing up their Facebook statuses for thirty days of gratitude, and I can’t wait to read every single heartfelt sentiment. Even if it is November, thankfulness isn’t always easy. I can…

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Blend, Baby! Blend

As a stepmom to four daughters and a biological mom to one, I understand first-hand how challenging it can be to blend into an established family. If done with a kind heart, patience, and respect, the transition can be an…

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Raise a Math Kid

Having taught math to over six hundred area elementary school students, I am a firm believer that children need to learn math concepts – not just math procedures. Let’s take cooking as an analogy. Right before my husband and I…

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Parenting Blog Best Picks

When baby number one was still an infant, breastfeeding and naptime were spent soaking up parenting books. Many of my friends were in a similar stage in life and were eager to swap stories and suggestions. Expert advice and the…

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You Have to Laugh!

As a father of three under nine (eight, seven, and three for the record) you could say there are few, if any, dull moments in our household. I work fulltime while my wife, Jamie, who just got her degree in…

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