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Getting Early Education Right

I have been a teacher for most of the past twenty-five years, stopping briefly for the births of my sons. When they were both old enough to attend preschool, I went along with them and taught at their preschools. For…

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That’s Awkward!

My buck-toothed and rather beefy 2-year-old thinks he’s Jamaican Olympic gold medalist Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world. One minute, he delights in holding my hand at the store, pulling merchandise off the shelves, flirting with the cashier.…

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Sale-ing Lessons

Garage sales, rummage sales, tag sales.The sale ing season is upon us. Until I had children, two daughters, I was never the garage sale type. Now you can't keep me away. It's more that just saving a buck, although we…

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Fill ’em Up!

There's a lot of information out there - some of it very confusing - about how our young athletes should fuel their bodies. As parents, it can be difficult to decipher what is myth, and what is fact. It would…

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8 Things a Survivor Wants You to Know

In 2007, the world celebrated New Year’s Eve without me. I spent the morning with an oncologist trying to absorb his life-changing diagnosis: “You have breast cancer.” What a surprise, since I eat right, exercise regularly, and follow guidelines for…

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Life Can Be Greener

When our first child was born, my instincts kicked in: I wanted to raise our child in a healthy, natural home. The whole family took baby steps towards becoming greener. I started by researching non-toxic cleaners and other ways we…

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Looking For Work?

Many of us remember our first job. Whether it was working at the local movie theater or trekking through the woods as a camp counselor, we appreciated the chance to get out in the working world and earn our own…

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Sick Call

  It's six-thirty in the morning. You go into your child's room to wake her up for school, and you find a sniffling, coughing little one asking to stay home. Of course you have a huge presentation at work that…

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5 Simple Steps

As an elementary school teacher, my classroom was always described as organized. Friends who came over and happened to see my pantry couldn’t believe how food was in labeled containers. If a family member or friend needed help getting an…

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Feeling Holidazed?

It’s happening. The air feels crisp. Boots and scarves greet you at every turn. Suddenly an insatiable craving for anything mulled overtakes you. That’s right, friends. The holidays are here – complete with lovely visions of nights spent sipping cider…

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