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Looking For Work?

Many of us remember our first job. Whether it was working at the local movie theater or trekking through the woods as a camp counselor, we appreciated the chance to get out in the working world and earn our own…

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Sick Call

  It's six-thirty in the morning. You go into your child's room to wake her up for school, and you find a sniffling, coughing little one asking to stay home. Of course you have a huge presentation at work that…

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5 Simple Steps

As an elementary school teacher, my classroom was always described as organized. Friends who came over and happened to see my pantry couldn’t believe how food was in labeled containers. If a family member or friend needed help getting an…

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Feeling Holidazed?

It’s happening. The air feels crisp. Boots and scarves greet you at every turn. Suddenly an insatiable craving for anything mulled overtakes you. That’s right, friends. The holidays are here – complete with lovely visions of nights spent sipping cider…

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Early Parenting Education

My daughter Zora just celebrated her first birthday. Or, more accurately, the family celebrated it for her. At her age, life's a party. Every day brims with play and doting attention. If only the good times could roll uninterrupted from…

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Value the Vote

In a former life, long before kids and even before marriage, my husband and I worked as "paid political operatives." Working on political campaigns was our profession. We were inspired by candidates we believed in, who would go to Richmond…

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Back-to-School Quiz

My children have specific criteria for their ideal backpacks. One insists on monkey graphics and the other a sports motif. If you and your child select a brand new backpack to begin the school year, chances are both of you…

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Soak It Up!

People often say that kids are like sponges, effortlessly absorbing all the information they encounter. How true!Consider kids who are exposed to two languages in their home and are bilingual before kindergarten, or the children of sports enthusiasts who can…

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Notes to a New Dad

A little while ago, the younger of my two children, an eleven-year-old girl, let me know it was time to remove her booster seat from the back seat of my car. Though she is a small kid, so small that…

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