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The School for Good Mothers

Set in a not-so-distant future and following one woman’s journey through divorce, single parenthood, and self-doubt, Jessamine Chan has crafted a dystopian debut novel that will leave you both spellbound and horrified.  The School for Good Mothers revolves around 39-year-old…

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Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell

Darkly thrilling and suspenseful tale about people you might recognize. Cate and Roan Fours, their two teen-aged children, and their neighbor Owen Pick aren’t particularly likable. Despite this, author Lisa Jewell manages to weave a story around them that’s a…

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The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

A superbly crafted exploration of race, identity, and family. Identical twins Desiree and Stella Vignes and most of the Black folks who live in the Deep South town where the The Vanishing Half is first set, are so light-skinned they…

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The Stranger in the Lifeboat by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom strikes emotional gold, again. It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty-five years since Mitch Albom’s first book, Tuesdays With Morrie, was originally published, the one that turned the sports writer I watched most Sundays on ESPN’s Sports Reporters…

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“Yellow Wife” by Sadeqa Johnson

The story of Phoebe Dolores Brown was born of Richmond history. Author Sadeqa Johnson, who had recently relocated to Midlothian with her family, was inspired to write Yellow Wife while walking along the Richmond Slave Trail.  That’s where Johnson learned…

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