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When Pain‘s Afoot

Women visit my office and ask many of the same questions: Why can’t I wear high heels? Why do my feet hurt? And one of the most difficult to discuss: Why are my toes so ugly? The typical story unfolds.…

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The PACKids Mission

Richmond is fortunate to have great health care providers," says Melissa Nelson, MD, a Richmond pediatrician and mother of four, "but as a pediatrician, I don't have one place I can tell families to take their children for everything. I'm…

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Why Colonoscopies Creep Us Out!

The American Cancer Society recently updated its colonoscopy guidelines for men and women, regardless of family history. Visit for details. ______________________________________________________________________ Chocolate-laced drool trickling down your preschooler's chin. A demonic clown with green nubs for teeth. Or that eerie…

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What is Oncoplastic Surgery?

Breast cancer patients deal with more than the realities of battling a life-threatening disease. There are challenges with self-image and self-worth issues to process as well. While breast preservation in cancer patients is now a common procedure, there may be…

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Perception Is Everything

Did you ever wonder why your 7-year-old trips over his shoes, without picking them up? Or why your teenager doesn't hear you when you ask him to make his bed? Or why your toddler spits out the carrots she loved…

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9 Common Myths Busted

Working with other nurses, docs, and medical experts for nearly thirty years - plus, parenting two kids and managing a home - I know there are plenty of frightening things out in the world. Like lots of people, I appreciate…

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Ick! Pink Eye

A Closer Look at Conjunctivitis Your eyes feel gritty and itchy. They've been tearing all day. Bright lights hurt. They look red and swollen, and there may be a crusty yellow discharge when you wake up in the morning. Wipe…

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Tinnitus Woes

Ringing, roaring, hissing, or chirping. Each person who has tinnitus may have his or her own special kind of sound, but all agree that the noises can be intrusive and disturbing. People with tinnitus hear sounds that are not heard…

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Save Your Skin!

More than a million cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in the United States this year, according to a report out of Cleveland Clinic. About 80 percent of these will be basal cell skin cancer. The most common and…

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Your Child & Surgery

Surgery is scary for anyone, but it can be particularly scary for a child – and sometimes even more unnerving for the parents of the little one. When a child is scheduled for a surgical procedure, the entire team of…

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