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Dry Nights Ahead

Summertime is a child’s favorite time of year, marked by the things most kids look forward to, like camps, vacations, and sleepovers. However, if a fear of waking up in a wet bed is weighing on a child’s mind, participation…

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Hooray, Jellyfish! Huh?

Jellyfish – those brainless, heartless and slimy creatures that compel some of us to make a beeline for the beach chair and others to find the perfect stick for poking, are crucial to medical scientists looking for ways to prevent…

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Summer’s Ouch!

Adults and kids know the pain of a summer earache can keep you awake all night. While middle ear infections (otitis media) are most common in the cold and fl u season, outer ear infections, or otitis externa, or swimmer’s…

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What's Bugging You?

Mosquitoes – ick! If only Noah had left these guys off the manifest. I know, they’re part of the food chain, blah, blah, blah. But really, what good are they? I’m sure you have heard various remedies for dealing with…

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The Big Picture

“Are his pupils supposed to be clear and see-through?” Mary Bullock heard her husband’s question and felt sick to her stomach. It was 1992. Just a few weeks before, the happy couple had brought their newborn, Nathan Andrew, home from…

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Make A Run For It!

Doesn’t everyone know someone who took part in the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K last month? For many of us, walking Richmond’s celebrated route was a good option. There’s a mile event for kids, too, so even the youngest members of…

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Mom Wins!

When Kim Moncrief, Henrico wife, mother, and entrepreneur, recalls an annual exam with her gynecologist, she remembers an eerie conversation between physician and patient, and a recommendation that she now realizes probably saved her life. Even though, Kim, 38 at…

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Coping With Cataracts

Closing in on sixty-five, Claudia Alicea, RN, a nurse in ophthalmology for thirty years, remembers when she started questioning her own vision. Will I have to drive home at night? Boy, those headlights look like sparklers. What do you mean,…

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Oh, The Nerve! 

It’s a painful hand and arm condition and one of the most common problems faced today, but fortunately carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated. The name describes it perfectly. The carpal bones are the small wrist bones; the tunnel is…

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Lifting. Sneezing. Coughing

It can happen to the strongest among us.You go to lift something you’ve lifted a thousand times before and you feel a pop in your groin. Or you cough suddenly, or sneeze – especially relevant during allergy season – and…

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