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5 Science Terms to Know Now

The spread of COVID-19 has turned our daily lives upside down, leaving us with a terrible feeling of uncertainty – made worse by misinformation that seems to spread even faster than the virus. Explaining social distancing and stay-at-home orders to…

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Understanding Climate Change

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of Earth Day. For five decades, engaged neighbors have come together to show their support for protecting our planet for future generations. Earth Day themes have focused on such wide-ranging topics as inefficient cars,…

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Savor the Science of Eating Bugs

At the start of the new year when people consider changing their eating habits, they are probably thinking about subtracting elements – like carbs, sugar, and processed foods – instead of adding protein sources. But there is some interesting science…

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Last-Minute Tech/STEM Gifts

This holiday season, as you roam the physical and digital aisles of stores, the number of STEM items has increased exponentially. Some toys are fads that have little learning value, but other toys are fun and educational and worth a…

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Super Science-y Gift Guide

Playful learning and curiosity is a natural part of growing up. If scientists weren’t curious – and didn’t have someone in their formative years supporting that curiosity – we wouldn’t know half of what we do about the world today.…

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All About Cyberbullying

Five years ago, a stranger began posting detailed descriptions of my appearance online. This person had strong opinions about me. Once I discovered the posts, I was hooked; I would refresh the application every few minutes to see if this…

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Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot in Richmond

With any luck, your family’s summer has been packed with the best our area has to offer: swimming in the James River, casual walks around Hollywood Cemetery and Maymont, checking out the latest blooms at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, or…

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Smart Speakers and Family Life

Imagine having a personal assistant follow you around the house adding items to your grocery lists, playing your favorite songs, and most importantly, turning off all the lights. Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod, and Google’s Home can do…

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The Science of Pollen Counts

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America just released its list of the most challenging cities in America for spring allergy sufferers, and Richmond came in tenth. Chances are, you’re not surprised by that. I know I’m not.  For millions…

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Seven Tech Tips for Spring Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to upgrade your phone every two years. My 5-year-old phone works beautifully, but it takes a little TLC to keep it happy. Here are some maintenance strategies just in time for spring…

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