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Harsh Realities of Financial Abuse

You or someone you know could become the victim of one of the fastest growing crimes in America – elder financial abuse. Fraudsters are using new tactics to take advantage of retiring baby boomers and the growing number of older…

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Medicare Check-Ups Explained

For people over sixty-five, Medicare covers a wellness visit once every twelve months if you have Medicare Part B. These are commonly referred to as annual wellness visits. The goal of the visit is to identify what is needed to…

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Why Grands are Great!

These days, with so many children in the care of one or more grandparents for a variety of reasons, some people wonder whether children in these circumstances are in any way disadvantaged. Assuming the grandparent or grandparents are reasonably healthy…

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Banish the Fear of Falling

Have you ever received the news that a friend has suffered a bad fall? Afterward, did you find yourself carefully placing one foot in front of the other when you walked? Did your nerves start to flutter as you stretched…

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