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Smart Speakers and Family Life

Imagine having a personal assistant follow you around the house adding items to your grocery lists, playing your favorite songs, and most importantly, turning off all the lights. Smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod, and Google’s Home can do…

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The Science of Pollen Counts

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America just released its list of the most challenging cities in America for spring allergy sufferers, and Richmond came in tenth. Chances are, you’re not surprised by that. I know I’m not.  For millions…

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Seven Tech Tips for Spring Cleaning

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to upgrade your phone every two years. My 5-year-old phone works beautifully, but it takes a little TLC to keep it happy. Here are some maintenance strategies just in time for spring…

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Tech Tips for Raising Readers

My children are getting older, and it is becoming more difficult to maintain our library schedule. I started subscribing to online e-book subscription services like Scribd and Kindle Unlimited, so I could always have the next book ready. I soon…

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8 STEM and Tech Toys Kids Will Love

The holidays are here (well, almost!), and we all know that means kids are working on wish lists for Santa, and parents are looking for solid suggestions. We asked an expert from one of our favorite places for families, the…

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When It’s Time for Media Control

Let’s start with a challenge. For the next week, informally log how much time you spend on screens at home and at work. For the purpose of this challenge, let’s categorize screens as televisions, computers, phones, and tablets (iPads, etc.). During…

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Your Coding Questions Answered

In 2016, Virginia made history when it became the first state to mandate computer science education for all students enrolled in public schools (K through twelve). Yes, you read that correctly: Kindergarteners will start learning about computers, code, and computational…

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Using Online Test-Prep Tools

Standardized testing is a rite of passage for all students, and it often culminates with the marathon of standardized tests – the SAT. The SAT is a 3-hour long test with an optional 50-minute essay. Most college applicants have to…

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Fostering Digital Responsibility in Kids

When our parents raised us, their concerns were centered around three pillars: the birds and the bees, driving, and drugs and alcohol. These topics addressed potentially life-altering challenges young people encountered.  Today, as parents, we want to guide our children…

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10 Ways to Retool Old Tech

The holidays are here, which means the latest and greatest tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other tech devices are popping up on gift lists for family members of all ages. Rather than adding older tech items to the drawer of yesterday’s…

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