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Summer Eye Hazards

Did you know that more than half a million people each year suffer from home or yard work-related eye injuries? To some people, gardening is fun and to others just a necessary chore. But either way, it's important to remember…

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Protect Kids’ Eyes

You've packed your bags for spring break, printed your tickets, and found someone to look after the dog. You even remembered to buy new sunscreen. But did you remember your sunglasses? And how about a pair for your child? Although…

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Snow Business

After a year of unprecedented warmth, the Farmers’ Almanac reports Virginia is in for a colder than normal winter that will include lots of mixed snow, sleet, and rain. In fact, these experts predict most eastern states – as far…

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Ick! Pink Eye

A Closer Look at Conjunctivitis Your eyes feel gritty and itchy. They've been tearing all day. Bright lights hurt. They look red and swollen, and there may be a crusty yellow discharge when you wake up in the morning. Wipe…

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Summer’s Ouch!

Adults and kids know the pain of a summer earache can keep you awake all night. While middle ear infections (otitis media) are most common in the cold and fl u season, outer ear infections, or otitis externa, or swimmer’s…

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Lifting. Sneezing. Coughing

It can happen to the strongest among us.You go to lift something you’ve lifted a thousand times before and you feel a pop in your groin. Or you cough suddenly, or sneeze – especially relevant during allergy season – and…

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Winter-Proofing Ears

Perhaps winter is a good time to take our ears a little more seriously. They’re complex structures, after all, that manage hearing, balance, and pressure in our faces and heads. The moving parts in the middle ear transmit sound; the…

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