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Don’t Touch the Thermostat

So you say you’re feeling just a slight bit chilly. Well, I get it. I really do. And you’re right, it is that time of year, and the weatherman says we’re finally in store for that long-overdue cold snap. So…

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Everything in Its Place

Dad, we need some shelves.” “Why?” “The LEGOs need a place.” I liked the idea, so I went to task, jumping online to order some cool brackets. I ripped boards with my dull handsaw. We drilled in anchors and juggled…

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All Hallows’ Evolution

My first Halloween as a parent was spent in the air. My wife Kat and I were returning from showing off our first baby to friends and family in Colorado. Traveling home on October 31, we dressed our ten-month old…

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Those penny loafers in the back of my closet are plenty old, but the wise and weary eyes gazing out from their penny keepers are even older. Many years ago – before the house, the family, the endless yard work…

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Town Boys, Country Bros

For our original spring break, we headed north to show our boys the Big Apple. Unlike other pre-kid trips, we sculpted a precise itinerary. We waited in the Times Square line for Beetlejuice tickets and scooted around the city in…

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Making Pandemic Peace

For those of you who might not know, magazine articles are written well in advance of their publication. As I type these words into my iPad Pro, it’s a clear sunny morning in early April and my family has been…

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You Are Supreme

And so, it’s time to pull away from the curb. Again. You and I drove all these hours back to campus, and then I tried to fill an hour by asking if there was anything else you needed, or if…

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An Arrow in the Quiver

I wanted archery.  Instead, I ended up at the soccer station, running around orange cones and listening for the whistle. Coach smoked cigarettes between penalty kicks. He also showed up late, wearing polyester shorts. Despite his shortcomings, the camp rumor…

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Dad Habits

“Whatcha eating dad?” My daughter has spotted the spoon on the counter – the only evidence of the mint chocolate chip ice cream I have just shoveled into my mouth.  ”Just looking,” I fib, allowing the shared fiction to continue.…

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Heading for the New Year

Hi there, Tanya, it’s Tony. So sorry to wait until the last minute to call and leave a message. And listen, I know you did my wife a big favor by fitting me into your schedule this close to the…

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