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A Peck On the Head

Well, just look at the bunch of us now. A bit more weight, a bit more gray, but who cares? It’s a reunion, so it’s bear hugs all around as we shake our heads and try not to count the…

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Thank You, Thunderstick

It’s May in the DadZone, which means a shout-out to all the lovely ladies on Mother’s Day. If anyone deserves a special day, it’s moms. And yet, Mother’s Day can cause dads no small amount of angst. Let’s call it…

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Then There Was the Time

Before I had kids, the most exciting thing I could say about my own childhood was that it was over. Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t a bad childhood, just boring. At least, that’s how it seemed while I was…

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Dad and Mom, On a Date Night

Come on. Admit it. You’ve said it. “It’s date night,” you say. “Just you and me, babe.” Could be dinner and maybe a movie. Better yet, a quick stop for hot tapas at that trendy joint on your way to the show…

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Down! Set! Huh?

The reason I watch the Super Bowl (and I’m talking about the actual football game, mind you, and not just the commercials) is because I am a caring and concerned father. Being a caring and concerned father is also the…

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Bad dad days. We all have them. Sometimes it’s just a nagging feeling: I’m not doing as good a parenting job as I could. Sometimes it’s more specific: I feel guilty because I missed Johnny’s soccer game. Or: I snapped at…

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Let There Be Lights!

So go ahead. Hang a wreath on every door. Fill the mantel with all the fresh holly and pinecones you like. Line the bookcases with as many porcelain Santas as they can hold. But let’s get one thing straight right…

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Change of Traditions

Growing up, I never really enjoyed Thanksgiving all that much. There, I said it. Maybe it’s because my two boys won’t be able to read for a few more years. Maybe it’s because my parents don’t have the Internet and…

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Crossing the Bridge

The sound hits you the moment the elevator doors open. Then you step out onto the hospital’s maternity floor and see them there, behind the glass, crying, wailing, screaming to no end. More than a dozen pink-faced newborns, all wrapped…

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