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Call Me Tax Dad

I have my #2 pencil. Here is the calculator with the enormous number pad. All my forms, receipts, and financial statements are neatly stacked in front of me. Time now to engage in that sacred, annual ritual. I am doing…

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The Gift of Words

  I paused before I folded this napkin. I was really hesitant to put anything about death in Emma’s napkin notes these days. I didn’t want her to focus on my mortality. I wanted her to focus on life. On…

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When Dad Pushes the Cart

I guess I might as well laugh. You’re next in line behind me here in the checkout line. By your clothes, your haircut, and that just-happy-to-be-here look on your face, I’d say you’re a senior at the college not far…

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The Family Business

Society is changing, in some cases with head-spinning rapidity. Marijuana is legal in some states and making strides towards legalization in others. Same-sex marriage is now legal in a majority of states. Everywhere we look, it seems that groups who…

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The Call of the Wild

What I remember most is the rain. All day, all night, pounding down on the two-man Army-style canvas tent, leaking through the floor, running like a cold river from the head of my pathetic sleeping bag all the way down…

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Listen to the Beard

It starts innocently enough. You forgot to charge the electric razor. Or you’re fresh out of disposable blades. Or maybe you just got lazy one Saturday and ended up missing three mornings in a row. Whatever the reason, there’s a…

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The Crutch Master’s Lament

Sam, our younger son, recently injured his hip. Nothing terrible, but enough to land him on crutches for ten days. As parents, Dena and I have had to manage the requisite injuries one might expect in a household with two…

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What Dad Never Buys

It’s not that I’m cheap – though others living under this roof would be only too glad to say that I am. And don’t mistake me for one of those hoarders you see on TV, either. Just because I reserve…

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The Bridge

A few weeks ago my father entrusted me with some old computer hard drives that had been damaged in a power surge. They contained his collection of family photos and videos, curated over many years. Fortunately, the data was intact,…

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