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Once More to Cotillion

How long has it been? Twenty years? Well, it’s great to see you again after all this time. And look, here’s a corner table that’s got our name on it. Yes, life is good, and the kids are growing up…

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The Cookie Monster Within

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the cookie aisle, I bring you research from the hallowed halls of Connecticut College that suggests Oreo cookies may be as addictive as cocaine. Shocking as this news may…

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Swing Wide the Door

You search my face for an answer, a reason, some meaning to what has happened, but I have no words to make things better, no way to make it right. I can only try to hide my sadness from both…

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The Night Before Christmas

Christmas is perhaps the most global and yet the most personal of holidays. People of varying faiths participate in a grand tradition of 2,000 years (or more, shout out to you, ancient Druids!) But each family’s celebration is unique. We…

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Hound for the Holidays

You’d think I’d know better than to fall for the same face twice. But here I am again, hooked on those big, brown eyes, that wagging tail, the shiny, tri-color coat. She’s the spitting image of our first beagle, who…

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Taking the Cake

I am writing this column from the intersection of Competitiveness and Fair Play. It’s kind of lonely here. It’s always been a tricky intersection to find. Sure, the parenting experts all talk about it, and some even claim to offer…

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Van of My Dreams

Uh-oh, she’s making those sounds again – the grumbling, the whining, the full-throttle complaining. I’ve tried to ignore it, but it’s not fair to put her off any longer, especially when I consider how far we’ve come together. But there…

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It’s A Small World After All?

We’ve all heard it said that teenagers want to get as far away from their parents as possible, but come on! Did Ben, my sixteen-year-old, really have to take things so literally? When he signed up for a school-sponsored exchange…

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The Show Never Ends

He’s downstairs on the computer. She’s up in her room checking Instagram. Mom is deep into another book on her iPad. And me? I’m glued to a tiny smartphone, checking my email for the umpteenth time today. Good gracious, what’s…

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Quantum Scheduling

You'll have to excuse me if this column is rushed. I am fitting it in between a performance by the undertwelve bassoon quintet, the regional finals of the distance medley relay, and a field trip to the pet rock museum.…

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