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Compassion-Powered Parenting

There I was, standing in the laundry room with my back against the door stuffing cookies in my mouth. Yes, I was hiding from my toddler. Eating a cookie in front of an almost three-year-old without offering him one is…

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Accidental Parenting

Years ago, I read somewhere that it wasn’t a good idea to make the television the focal point of a room.  “TVs are nothing more than ugly black boxes the majority of the time,” the article stated. “Why make one…

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See You in Snore Court

Yes, Your Honor, I understand the nature of these charges. And yes, I am aware that these proceedings allow me the right not to incriminate myself.  Most of all, I recognize that anything I say can and will be held…

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Letting Go of Flawless!

While everyone’s holiday traditions differ, the high expectations and level of activity surrounding all holidays and special events can be very stressful, especially if you have a child with a disability or even mild sensory issues. Too often, we set…

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