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Raising Generous Children

Last year, my kids had their first interaction with Legendary Santa. While they were captivated by all the wonder of the experience, their favorite activity (to my surprise) was visiting the Fawn Shop with their MaeMae and PaPa and purchasing…

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Makin’ the Lists!

My child had worked so hard on her list that year that I couldn’t bear the thought of watching her hand it over to Santa.  Things might be a bit more high-tech these days – what with magical elf communications…

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The One About ADHD

This article wasn’t turned in on time. It wasn’t even close. I’ve spent the last month and a half thinking about the DadZone, asking myself questions like: What should I write? Shouldn’t you probably start writing soon? And the all-important:…

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Academic Help Wanted!

Tutoring, like clothing, comes in all shapes and sizes. For some people, tutoring might spark memories of frustration or embarrassment over struggling to understand a particular concept. For others, tutoring might have led to that a-ha moment – the proverbial…

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Early Education Give and Take!

As a parent, it’s impossible not to worry about my son. Is he learning age-appropriate skills and meeting developmental milestones? Will he have my height – or lack thereof? Will his ear tubes ever fall out?! He’s four years old,…

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Preparing for Life After High School

If your child is headed to college, you are likely experiencing mixed emotions. While it is exciting to see your child branch out and become an adult, it can also be nerve-wracking and bittersweet for many parents. We all want…

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5 Facts About Saving for Education

Funding college expenses for children remains one of the biggest savings goals for many adults. In fact, according to recent research from, 92 percent of parents today have already paid or plan to assist with these costs when or…

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Not All Bullies Hate Raisins

At the tender age of six, it was my youngest who first helped me understand what twenty-first century bullying looked like. “Mommy, please don’t put raisins in my lunch anymore,” she said flatly, while going through her backpack after school…

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