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Advice for Parenting Teens

My soon-to-be eighth-grader has a crush on a neighbor. A few summers ago (pre-crush and pre-pandemic), I let them hang out together in her bedroom. I don’t think that’s a good idea now. Any thoughts on how I should approach…

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Weekends on a Budget

Working full-time and being a mom is hectic, to say the least. It leaves very little time to bond as a family during the workweek. If one of the kids has an extracurricular activity, I’m usually the one showing up…

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This Was Us (and Me!)

When millions of people tuned in to watch the final episodes of This Is Us, I was right there with them. Well, sort of. During its six-year run, I recorded each show and watched later, by myself, so I could…

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They’re Baaaaack!

Oh, joy. They’re home. For the summer. Don’t get me wrong. Their mother and I have been aching for months to have them back in our newly empty nest. Lucy is a rising senior in college. Will has just finished…

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Richmond’s Fab Five Hikes

I can proudly say I’ve been a Virginian for, let’s just say, a very long time. Yet, it wasn’t until the pandemic began that I started to explore much more of the Commonwealth.  Of course, I’d been to Richmond before…

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