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Choosing a Guardian is Important

Many young families delay their estate planning. Common refrains include: We don’t have a lot of assets. It’s too expensive. We don’t know where to start.  As the last two years have taught us, even otherwise healthy young adults are…

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Going to the Dogs

It was love at first sight for me. The confident energy. The sleek build. The way his hind legs looked like he was wearing furry chaps – yes, the cowboy pants – when you caught a glimpse of him from…

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Some Unremarkable Parenting

It was the summer of 2020, the pandemic was in full swing, and once again I found myself in our downstairs bathroom, plunger in hand. While thankfully the quarantine had spared my family from getting sick, our 70-year-old plumbing just…

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Make the Most of Family Counseling

Everybody loves a good deal! Hop over to the local mall and you’ll see signs boasting fantastic sales. Turn on the TV and you’ll find yourself swimming in the gooey cheeses of a thousand Papa John’s commercials. Whether you’re negotiating…

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Lessons of Spring

Spring in Richmond! It’s rife with daffodils in gardens, baby bunnies in backyards, a dusting of yellow powder on everything, and hummingbirds helplessly trapped in the garage.  Okay, maybe that last one’s just at our house. But we all know…

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John Morgan

The One About Fishing and Cars

Careful! Cut away from yourself.”  My seven childhood trips to the ER make me stress this rule more than most. Levon ripped open the cardboard. He was ready to get started. The box was no bigger than a desk dictionary.…

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Big Man On Campus

The smooth greens. The stately trees. The academic buildings that beckon all who walk along the paths that cross the vaunted quad. It’s all just how you remember it – though at another college, in another place, in your all-too-distant…

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It’s a Wonderful Life

“He didn’t want to miss out.” About this time last year, Adam Oakes, a student at VCU, died of alcohol poisoning after drinking a 40-ounce bottle of whiskey at an off-campus party. On the local news, I heard one of…

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