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COVID-19 and Your Family’s Safety

[Updated November 19, 2020]   Dr. Norman Oliver, state health commissioner, on mask-wearing, herd immunity, vaccines, and staying safer this holiday season Fall and the holidays are here, and COVID-19 continues to require that we adjust how we live, learn,…

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Colorectal Health

Chadwick Boseman’s death from colorectal cancer at age forty-three was a shock for everyone familiar with the vibrant movie star. His physical and demanding performances in recent films belied the fact that he was undergoing intense treatments for the disease…

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13 Coronavirus Myths Busted

Dr. Norman Oliver, state health commissioner, on COVID-19 myths, important public health resources, and how families can move forward Some of the recent coronavirus searches on Google asked how long an infected person is contagious, if nausea and sore throat…

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Complete Get-Around Guide

Along with the sounds of birds chirping, the clicking of bicycle gears could go down in history as the natural soundtrack of the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it meant blowing the dust off the old bike in the garage or making…

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Family Life in a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic involves questions and uncertainty, among kids and adults alike. Here is some guidance on supporting our children – and taking care of ourselves – as we navigate this uncharted territory. 1. How do I explain to my child…

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When It’s Kid Quarantine Time

Just last weekend, our family was running errands and shuffling children to activities, as is our usual Saturday routine. One of          my boys was particularly irritable that day and while I was herding him into the…

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Prepping Your Child for Surgery

A little preparation and extra comfort go a long way for a child facing surgery. From the weeks leading up to surgery to the no-food directive the night before and a special send-off when you leave your child’s side, there…

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Holiday Safe-Driving Guide

No matter what holiday you celebrate, ’tis the season! Many of us will travel near and far to celebrate together and make lasting memories. Over the next six weeks, families will spend countless hours in their cars – shopping, running…

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The Truth About Vaccines

Pediatricians are asked for advice at all stages of children’s growth and development, but few questions remain as polarizing as questions about vaccinations.  As the risks of vaccine hesitancy have become even more apparent – the World Health Organization has…

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