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Protect Your Family from Cancer

Every year, more than 46,000 Americans are diagnosed with preventable cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Today a vaccine exists that prevents the majority of HPV infections which, in turn, prevents more than 90 percent of all cancers caused…

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Concussion Care Guide for Children

Kids and adolescents are naturally active and on the move. From toddlers learning to walk to teens playing in a lacrosse game, children often engage in activities that can lead to falls, collisions, and injuries.  What should you do if…

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Keeping Kids Safer During a Pandemic

Updated Nov 12, 2021 Since the school year began, parents across our region have been understandably anxious about their child’s risk of exposure to COVID-19 in the classroom. Positive cases in school communities are inevitable, but one trend we’re discovering…

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Healthy and Happy Smiles for Kids

Americans of all ages are spending more time and money improving their smiles through cosmetic dental work and orthodontics. Some experts attribute this increased attention to orthodontics to more aesthetic and less noticeable treatment options, made possible by cutting-edge technology.…

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