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Severe-Weather Driving Strategies

Summer days of sunshine and warm weather are quite inviting, but we also need to be aware of and prepared for changing weather patterns that are a big part of life these days. Strong wind gusts, heavy rain, frequent lightning,…

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Pondering a Vasectomy?

While there are many methods of contraception available today, vasectomy is a time-tested, safe, and effective procedure for men. A permanent means for preventing pregnancy, a vasectomy is performed by cutting the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from…

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Should I Still Drive?

As we age, we will all experience some challenges. For each of us, the time may come when we need to consider letting someone else take over the responsibility of driving for us. Here are some things to consider when…

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You Can Quit Smoking!

Take a deep breath – a really deep breath with an exhale that makes you say, “Aah!” Deep breaths and fresh air can do a body good. However, the reality is fresh air is not available for all kids. Nationwide,…

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About Presbyopia

My wife, like many of us, recently celebrated a 40-something birthday and realized that her near-vision is becoming blurry, causing problems with reading, texting, and other up-close tasks.  I’ve known this day was coming. Presbyopia, the inability to focus up-close,…

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Is Everyone Mumbling?

As our parents get older, we often find ourselves encouraging them to live a healthy lifestyle. Part of that healthy lifestyle includes regular hearing checks. The simple fact is, hearing loss affects people of all ages, and studies show that…

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Where Are We on HIV/AIDS?

The first known cases of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in the United States were reported in 1981, and in 1983 human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) was established as its cause. HIV rapidly spread over the next three decades, reaching epidemic proportions…

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