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Say “Yes” to Yoga

Studies show that practicing yoga can help improve flexibility, strength, posture, breathing, and heart health. It can also help control stress, and perhaps the best news of all is this: Yoga can help put you in a better mood. Fitness…

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Treat that Leak

Do you automatically cross your legs when you feel a cough or sneeze coming on? Do you pass when your friends suggest an aerobics class at the gym? Is jumping on the trampoline with your kids completely out of the…

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Why Vaccinate?

Back-to-school time usually means a visit with the pediatrician for many school-age children. Completed sports forms and school physicals are necessary for participation and school enrollment and allow doctors an opportunity to discuss growth, development, and preventative healthcare for your…

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That Stings!

During spring and summer, bees and other flying insects are busy collecting food. Unfortunately, sometimes we humans get in their way. In order to protect themselves, they end up attacking and stinging us. Most insect stings produce only local discomfort.…

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New Mom’s Health Matters

Nikki, a self-proclaimed neat freak, could not motivate herself to do housework the last few months of pregnancy. Sarah, known for her cool, calm, and collected nature, had unusual worries and was very irritable the first months after her baby…

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Know the Risks of Indoor Tanning

It’s prom season and teens have found the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and they are thinking about getting a base tan just to give themselves what some like to call a little color. As a dermatologist, skin cancer surgeon,…

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Water Safety

Warmer weather has us looking forward to times at the pool, lake, or beach for fun. Unfortunately, these bodies of water can be places of extreme danger, especially for young children and non-swimmers. Drowning is the number one cause of…

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Time for Braces?

As an orthodontist, the question I hear most from kids is, When am I getting my braces off? The one that runs a close second comes from parents: Why are some kids getting braces when they still have baby teeth?…

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Prevent Childhood Obesity

Have you weighed your child lately? Last year, when Newsweek named Richmond the second fattest city in America, it was shocking to associate our beloved River City with a serious health epidemic. Yet obesity is increasing at an alarming rate…

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Winter Weather Update

A severe winter storm could knock out power to your home for days. Are you prepared? Extended power outages are more than inconvenient. During very cold weather, your family’s safety could be at risk. If possible, stay in a place…

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