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Are You a Sinus Sufferer?

Millions of people suffer from constant or repeated headaches, facial pain, fatigue, or stuffy noses. The warm, humid climate here in Richmond means that sinusitis, allergies, and other nasal disorders are very common. The result? Thousands of workdays missed each…

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Bladder Issues?

Sitting through lengthy meetings or workshops. Enjoying a live performance at a local venue (like last month's Les Miserables at the Landmark). Going on long trips. Just reading these examples might cause concern among those struggling with incontinence. What if…

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When Pain‘s Afoot

Women visit my office and ask many of the same questions: Why can’t I wear high heels? Why do my feet hurt? And one of the most difficult to discuss: Why are my toes so ugly? The typical story unfolds.…

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Tinnitus Woes

Ringing, roaring, hissing, or chirping. Each person who has tinnitus may have his or her own special kind of sound, but all agree that the noises can be intrusive and disturbing. People with tinnitus hear sounds that are not heard…

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Oh, The Nerve! 

It’s a painful hand and arm condition and one of the most common problems faced today, but fortunately carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated. The name describes it perfectly. The carpal bones are the small wrist bones; the tunnel is…

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The Desk Jockey & Backache

Imagine your back is like a fine watch with many moving parts. Your spine has 24 vertebrae attached to the pelvis at the bottom and the skull at the top. There are spongy discs between every two vertebrae, working as…

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