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Free Webinar on Parenting Teens with ADHD

“From Frustration to Elation”: ADHD Coach Offers Webinar on Parenting Teens with ADHD Hickory, NC (October 2013)—Parenting a teenager with ADHD can often feel like an exercise in futility. You know that your teen is intelligent, but he’s often distracted, and…

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What Colleges Want

Admissions Professionals Help Applicants Crack the Code Often, college admissions decisions are anything but predictable. Jon Reider, Sally Springer, and Joyce Vining Morgan explain what admissions committees often look for, beyond grades and test scores.           San Francisco, CA (October 2013)—Meet Susie and Brian,…

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Important Car Seat Safety Tips

Hanover Insurance has developed a list of safety tips for using child restraint systems properly. While these lists contain some standard (but admittedly important) tips, Hanover has included a few lesser known, but equally important, tips such as ‘do not…

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