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Live from L.A. – Evan McKeel Checks in with Richmond

Evan McKeel may not be performing on The Voice now, but he’s definitely pursuing leads and opportunities in the music industry.

Still in Los Angeles until the show’s finale, he’s already thinking about his next move. “I’m working on a schedule now,” he says. “I have a combination of performance dates between the middle of December and January. I may do some meet and greets. I want to have an event to thank Richmond for their support. I want to give love to these people since they loved on me.”

Evan will be singing at both a University of Richmond and VCU basketball game. He may also be doing some traveling. “I have had a few performance opportunities coming to me. I’m trying to decide what is important for me to do,” he says. “My priority is finishing songs so I have something to show to industry people.”

He already has two full albums written. The songs are “very emotionally connected to me and also lyrically connected,” he says. “I would love to release it on a label and then tour. I’m hoping to find someone that believes in my vision.”

Evan says he didn’t really feel a lot of pressure when he was waiting to see if his name was called the week he found himself in the bottom two. “It was a little comforting to be there with a friend (Korin Bukowski), one of my closest friends on the show,” he says. “But that made it a little more anxious for her [because she was thinking] one of us is going home.”

Evan the show, Evan had prayed for peace no matter what happened. “The whole time I was out there I was totally calm and at peace,” he says, adding that he performs the best when he is in a pressure situation. “I told Korin ‘let’s just have fun and make a memory of it.’”

Evan was in the studio to show his support on November 30 when the remaining ten contestants performed. He was also in the audience sitting behind Korin’s parents during the results show when Korin was the contestant going home. “I got to see it from the family’s perspective,” he says. “It was nerve-wracking watching the show. I was super nauseous because I am very emotionally invested.”

Bukowski is also staying in Los Angeles until the finale. “We are going to hang out,” Evan says. “We want to move forward and we are happy to move forward. You have so much to be proud of and so much to do when the show is over.”

Evan is taking this chance to explore Los Angeles. He’s had a burger and chocolate shake at the famous In-N-Out Burger and he’s spent time scoping out guitars and cheering on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Who does he think might win it all on The Voice? He has no idea. “You can expect a pretty wild setup next week (the count will drop from nine to four),” he says. “In my mind, all bets are off.”

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