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Time Capsule Show from Wichmann’s New Rat Pack is a Perfect Date Night Fit

Scott Wichmann is doing his share to keep the old school nightclub magic of the 1940s through 1960s alive and thriving in Rhythm Hall at Dominion Energy Center for the Performing Arts. 

Last year, Wichmann presented his concert, Legends on Grace – Let Me Be Frank, singing the songs of Frank Sinatra and reminiscing about Sinatra’s legacy. This year, the beloved actor will be starring in Legends on Grace – RVA Rat Pack with his friends and fellow actors Alexander Sapp, Jason Marks, and Anthony Cosby-Knowles, on December 7, for two shows at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

“It was a wonderful concert last year that was well attended,” Wichmann says. “People enjoyed the set-up because it was night-clubish. It was throwback entertainment.”

This year, Wichmann and Jacquie O’Connor, programming and marketing coordinator for Richmond Performing Arts Alliance, which presents Legends on Grace,
wanted to add other artists. 

“We want to perpetuate the vibe of Sinatra and his Rat Pack so the audience can be in the room where the fun is happening,” Wichmann says. “I immediately knew who I wanted to work with. I always love to work with people that I have fun with. It’s not like going to work. We enjoy each other’s company.”

Wichmann, Sapp, Marks and Cosby-Knowles are not portraying Sinatra or any member of the Rat Pack instead the group hopes to “generate the same feeling. We want to evoke the spirit of the Rat Pack, but also showcase local artists,” Wichmann says. “Jason is loosely based on Joey Bishop, Alexander is based on Dean Martin, and Anthony is based on Sammy Davis, Jr.” 

Some of the songs on the play list are well known, while others are not as familiar to the masses. “We have so many songs. We are trying to pare down our set lists,” Wichmann says. “We have a great deal of standards. It’s not the same program as last year.”

The evening gives the group the opportunity to touch on personalities and “expand and make things funny,” Wichmann says. “We all interact with each other. It’s almost like handing the baton off.”

The audience will get to see duets, trios. and individual performances. “We’re going to make you laugh and cry,” Wichmann says. “It’s going to be chemistry, music, and fun.”

He believes there is an appetite for this type of entertainment where entertainers turn back the clock. “It’s a nightclub medium with a live band and everyone is dressed up, Wichmann says. “You can get away from the pressures of the world and step into this protected time capsule. When you step out, you feel renewed.”

For tickets and more information on the Legends on Grace series, visit Richmond Performing Arts Alliance.

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