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10 Easy Dinner-Party Tips for Your Next Fall Gathering

How to Throw a Dinner Party
with Farmer Focus Organic Chicken

Interior designer Myrf Bowry and Megan Marconyak of Marco Style

Dinner on the Deck hosts interior designer Myrf Bowry and Megan Marconyak of Marco Style hosted a fun, fall dinner party and Farmer Focus Organic Chicken was the main attraction.

Here are their tips for recreating the magic for your own friends and family:

  1. You don’t have to make everything. Stores have great artisanal breads, desserts, and sometimes cheese trays. Your friends don’t care if everything is made from scratch – they just want a fun night.
  2. Farmers’ markets are your friend.  They are a great place to find homemade dips and desserts, pickles, sauces, and seasonal flowers, and you are supporting your local economy and farmers.
  3. The fresher the food, the less you have to do to it to make it taste good, making meal prep easier. Veggies fresh from the market are amazing just roasted with a little salt and pepper and some olive oil. Fresh chicken from a reliable, sustainable source – like Farmer Focus – is another good idea. 
  4. Don’t try out recipes for the first time at a dinner party. Make something you have made before, you know how long it will take to make it, and how it will turn out.
  5. Plan your menu with several make-ahead dishes, so you can have fun at your party too, and not be stuck in the kitchen the whole time.
  6. If cooking is not your thing, make your party potluck. Pick a theme and have everyone bring something. That makes it easy for everyone.
  7. Put on a fun playlist, turn off the overhead lights, light some candles. Music and lighting make a difference in the vibe of a party.
  8. Don’t freak out if your house is not spotless. Clean up the bathroom, make sure there are fresh towels, and maybe a little vase of flowers in there, pick up the big piles of dog hair, and call it a day. Again, your friends are not coming over to judge you.
  9. Everything doesn’t have to be perfect. A relaxed hostess keeps the whole party relaxed. A stressed hostess creates stressed guests.
  10. Whip up a big batch of fall punch ahead of time. It’s a perfect way to welcome your guests with fun fall flavors. Fall punches often use whiskey, but we spiced up ours with tequila.

How will you do Farmer Focus this fall?

Did you see the three chicken entrees from Farmer Focus in What’s Cooking in the latest issue of RFM? You’ll love these step-by-step instructions for family-friendly recipes: ginger-lime chicken kabobs, chicken with caramelized apples and pears, and sweet and salty chicken thighs from CEO and founding farmer Corwin Heatwole.  What’s Cooking with Farmer Focus



Meet the CEO and founder of Farmer Focus Corwin Heatwole.  Click to watch his interview with Jessica Noll on CBS6 Virginia This Morning.  WTVR segment on YouTube

Eat It Virginia!  Friends of the show Chef CoCo of Favour Cookie Co., and Robey Martin, co-host of “EatItVirginia” Podcast, fired up the CBS 6 backyard grill to make a delicious recipe for beer can chicken using organic chicken from Farmer Focus. WTVR segment on YouTube

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