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A Teen’s Take on Croaker


The School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community, or SPARC, has proven to everyone for more than thirty years that young people can really put on a show, and this production was no different. An original play written by SPARC’s own Debra Clinton and Jason Marks, Croaker will make you laugh, smile, and explore the wonders of friendship.

An adaptation of the traditional tale, The Frog Prince, this show also displays a fantastic cast of young people. The antagonist, portrayed by Jane Geiger, was wickedly evil and a spectacular singer. Other strong leads included Matthew Barger as Croaker, Dani Chowen as Princess Acrimonia, and James Caven as King of Estonia.

With a terrific ensemble of characters, all the music numbers will make you want to get up and dance. Complete with catchy beats and original choreography, Croaker also has an amazing set and fabulous costuming. Kids watching Croaker will be inspired to chase their dreams when they see the entire cast is made up of people their own age. Full of wonderful songs and great dance numbers executed by powerfully talented leads, Croaker is an amazing musical for the whole family. At about an hour long, kids three and up can handle it. There’s plenty to hold little kids’ attention.


You can catch Croaker, Sunday, May 6 at Gottwald Playhouse (Richmond Centerstage) and May 10 through 12 at SPARC’s Hamilton Street venue.

A graduate of Maggie Walker Governor’s School, Robin is a college student who enjoys the study of history, reading, watching movies, making sassy comments, playing volley football with her sisters, and writing, of course.

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