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Anxiety-Reduction TIPS for Children and Adults

2-Minute Stress Relievers

Think you can’t possibly take time to decompress? You only need two minutes to:

• Get up and stretch.
• Let your mind wander.
• Look out the window.
• Draw a doodle.
• Say no to taking on a new responsibility.
• Spend time with your pet (or look at a picture of your pet).
• Compliment yourself.
• Stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths.
• Acknowledge something you accomplished that day.
• Share your favorite joke or meme with a friend.

5-Minute Stress Relievers

Five minutes is all you need to:

• Put on your favorite song and sing along.
• Go chat with someone.
• Jot down your dream from last night.
• Hydrate.
• Take a snack break and eat without distraction.
• Read or watch something that makes you laugh.
• Get up and walk around your area.
• Write down things you’re looking forward to.
• Instagram or post something that makes you happy.

10-Minute Stress Relievers

In the ten minutes it takes to worry about work, school, or relationships, you can give yourself a break. Try these:

• Write a journal entry or blog post.
• Call a friend to catch up.
• Clean off your desk, inbox, or backpack.
• Find and put on a playlist that makes you want to dance.
• Catch up on current events.
• Visit your favorite blog or website and read.
• Strategize your day. What’s left to to work on? What’s left to look forward to?
• Get outside.
• Read the article you keep seeing posted on Facebook.


(Courtesy of the Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA)

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