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April 16 through 20 is the Week of the Young Child

April 16 through the 20 is recognized nationally as The Week of the Young Child.

This year, Richmond Early Childhood Association (RECA) will send hundreds of area preschools a curriculum that focuses on building resilience in children. The program was developed locally and provides an activity for each of the five days that focuses on concepts such as effective ways of dealing with stress, encouraging connections with safe adults, and recognizing, expressing and regulating feelings. These activities are designed to take about twenty minutes, but can be extended depending on the age and interest of each class and teacher. In addition, information will be provided for parents in hopes that these important life skills will continue to impact children outside of the classroom. Books and other resources that support resiliency will be included in the school and parent materials. RECA sees this as a great conversation starter as children bring home artwork to share with their parents.

Susan Brown holds a master’s degree in developmental psychology, as well as degrees in early childhood education and psychology. A mother, teacher, children’s book author, and nationally known family educator, she works with clients at Everyday Parenting Solutions.

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