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Better Than Hogwarts

PR Contact: Cindy Culley
Assistant Head of School
& Director of Admissions

Northstar Academy to host Open Caboose event
November 4, 10:30am to 1:30pm in Richmond

Immediate Release (Richmond, October 4) – The start of the school year is a magical time for many children and families. But for families of children with disabilities, new classroom experiences and times of transition often fall short of expectations. Our message to frustrated families is this: Don’t struggle through another school year. Come visit us and secure one of 9 remaining spots for your child or grandchild at Northstar Academy.

Northstar Academy is a private education solution to finding friends in the classroom and long-term success for unique students. Just 9 spots remain for the 2014-2015 school year, so we’re hosting an “Open Caboose” event for prospective students and families on November 4 at the train-themed campus located on Shrader Road in Richmond.

“We are not a school for just Autism, we are not a school for just Aspergers, we take everybody and give them a chance to learn,” says former Northstar parent and current Board Member, Chris Daly.

For scores of graduates and 86 current K-12 students with varying disabilities, Northstar provides a real school experience with a touch of magic. We promise you’ll feel it the moment you walk through the front doors of our caboose!

Media is welcome at this event to conduct interviews with existing students, parents, Board members and staff. If you are a part time superhero, please feel free to use our red phone booth out front to put on your super hero cape. Sharing our story just might save a local family and child from another frustrating school year!

To learn more about Northstar’s core programs, watch this short video:

8055 Shrader Road Richmond, VA 23294


About Northstar:
Since 1996, we have positively influenced Central Virginia’s special education community by providing a warm, encouraging place for students with disabilities to make the most of their lives. We believe every child can learn, grow and succeed if given the right tools — and we are focused on providing the tools each student needs for lifelong confidence and success. Engage with us at or on Facebook at

Northstar offers a full K-12 academic curriculum, including intensive reading and writing programs, mathematics, science and social studies, as well as art, foreign language and technology. Whether preparing for college or for a specific vocation, our licensed educators and team of support specialists create an individualized academic plan for every child. Northstar Academy is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Education Facilities.

Imagine a child who knows that labels do not define them. Imagine a teacher who truly believes every child can learn. Imagine a school where all students are understood, accepted and encouraged…

Welcome to Northstar Academy, where miracles happen every day.

A small private school for students with disabilities, Northstar Academy is dedicated to educating the whole child – academically, physically, emotionally and socially – in the unique way that each child learns best. Here, students once frustrated and disillusioned become excited by possibilities for learning and for life.

8055 Shrader Road Richmond, VA 23294

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