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Beware of Third-Party Resellers for Events at Local Venues

Over the course of the last ten months, many performances at Altria Theater and Dominion Energy Center have been postponed due to the pandemic. While a few performances have been cancelled, most are being rescheduled. But sometimes the new dates do not work for particular individuals. The teams at Altria Theater and Dominion Energy Center strives to do the right thing and help patrons with refunds, credits, and other solutions based on the circumstances and the promoter’s policy. 
Unfortunately, there are times when the venues are unable to help. The most common of these circumstances is when a patron has used a third-party reseller to purchase tickets to one of our shows. What is a third-party reseller, you might ask? 
A third-party reseller is simply an online ticket marketplace that allows individuals to sell tickets to almost anything, including sporting events, concerts, and shows. Think of them as Craigslist for tickets. The problem is that these third-party resellers do not verify that the tickets being sold on its platform are legitimate. This often results in fraudulent or fake tickets being sold to unsuspecting buyers who have no recourse when they discover that their ticket is not real.
For this reason, patrons should always purchase tickets through the official and exclusive ticketing partner, Etix. That is the only way ticket buyers can be assured that their tickets are valid and that we will be able to service the ticket holder’s needs in the event that any changes may be requested or if a ticket becomes lost or stolen. If, on the other hand, a patron purchases tickets through a third-party reseller, they are subject to that resellers policies and there is nothing that we can do to help.
To ensure that you are purchasing authentic tickets, click on the Ticketing link on the Altria Theater and Dominion Energy Center websites, which will insure that you are purchasing authentic tickets through Etix.
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