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Brain Training Experts Urge Parents to Get Children Tested


Ed Lawrence
LearningRx in Richmond

LearningRx in Richmond says school health screenings fall short

Richmond, VA (Grassroots Newswire) September 27, 2012 — LearningRx in Richmond says schools fall short in screening for issues that could cause learning struggles, so the brain training company is urging parents to consider an additional screening for their kids this year: cognitive skills testing.

Schools are often mandated to screen for problems with vision, hearing, and weight, and even for scoliosis and pre-diabetes. But, Ed Lawrence of LearningRx in Richmond says screening for cognitive skill weaknesses can also uncover problems that can significantly hinder learning.

“Cognitive skills testing will reveal any weaknesses in the underlying mental skills we all use to think, reason, read, remember, and pay attention,” states Lawrence. “Weaknesses in these areas can lead to so many problems – learning disabilities, behavior problems, and even the high anxiety that regularly sends students to the nurse with headaches and stomach problems.”

According to Lawrence, common signs of weak cognitive skills include:
· Reading problems
· Attention deficits
· Struggling with long hours of homework
· Poor grades
· Lack of confidence
· Anxiety
· “Mystery ailments” such as unexplained sicknesses on test days
· Dislike or disinterest in school

“Kids need some time to ’settle in’ to school,” says Lawrence. “But, if these symptoms are still prevalent after the first couple of weeks of school, it’s time to take action to see if a cognitive weakness is to blame.  This screening is so valuable because it can reveal if underlying cognitive deficiencies are the root cause of learning struggles. Then it’s only a matter of making those skills stronger to eliminate the problems, permanently.”

The tests take about 90 minutes and are available at LearningRx of Richmond for less than half the cost of other facilities. A free pre-screening is available at

To learn more about cognitive skills testing, or to schedule an interview please contact Ed Lawrence at LearningRx of Richmond or 804-612-9959.

About LearningRx
LearningRx specializes in identifying and correcting the underlying cognitive skill deficiencies that keep people from achieving their full potential. Personal brain trainers use intensive, one-on-one, game-like exercises to quickly enhance weak cognitive skills such as attention, memory, processing speed, and problem solving. More than 15,000 students have gone through the training at more than 70 franchised locations across the country. To learn more, visit


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