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Brainy Bytes STEM/STEAM Brings Science to Life for Kids of All Ages

To be successful in tomorrow’s workforce, students must be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and project managers while applying science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to complex real-world issues. Since 2010, Brainy Bytes has introduced thousands of children to science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) education with fun and innovative lesson plans. 

The Brainy Bytes hands-on/minds-on programs are created to encourage student engagement and enhance critical thinking, communication, and teamwork. The Brainy Bytes team knows how to ignite a passion for learning in students.  Abbie Lambrecht, Executive Director of Central Virginia Operations, stated the Brainy Bytes program “allows kids to be kids as children are naturally imaginative, curious, and creative.” The Brainy Bytes experience supports learning by promoting the natural gifts and abilities of each child. “Children are challenged and have fun while learning about applicable skills”, Lambrecht added.

It is difficult to find positive-focused activities that help children learn. The Brainy Bytes team provides one-of-a-kind programs that are designed to be engaging, informative, and flexible to meet the needs of every child (regardless of age). Brainy Bytes instructor, Kennedy Taylor communicated, “teaching STEAM to kids at a young age will improve their academic abilities while opening their eyes to possible STEAM careers in the future.” 

Brainy Bytes offers exciting technology-based STEM/STEAM programs through online & in-class programs including after-school & home-school classes, summer camps, and weekend workshops.  The staff members take great pride in providing a dynamic learning experience. Diane Chavez (Instructor) shared “The Brainy Bytes lessons are so fun that it doesn’t feel like a traditional classroom. During each class, I am able to help students learn more about STEAM in a manner that is more hands-on with many experiments and projects.” Taylor added, “My teaching experience has been phenomenal.”

The Brainy Bytes of Central Virginia team members are committed to impacting local communities in a positive manner by providing innovative programs, such as Robotics, Coding, Game Creation, Moving Making Minecraft modifications, and much more. Ms. Lambrecht highly recommends parents try the program as she communicated, “If a child doesn’t know much about STEAM, they have a place in the program or if they know tons about STEAM they also have a place.”

Brainy Bytes of Central Virginia is currently identifying schools to host their 2022-23 after-school programs. If interested in partnering or for more information, email Brainy Bytes of Central Virginia at or call 804-665-8696.

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