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Call for Richmond Habitat Volunteers Heats Up This August

More than 18 million U.S. households spend half or more of their income on a place to live, and almost 31% of women-headed households with children are below the poverty level.

In the greater Richmond area, one in seven families must choose between having a place to call home and paying for food, health care, childcare, education or reliable transportation. Richmond Metropolitan Habitat for Humanity is calling on families across the region to help bring attention to this important issue by raising a hammer and building homes for other local families.

Through Richmond Habitat’s housing program, local families and individuals are able to purchase a home and pay an affordable, zero percent interest mortgage, making the dream of homeownership a reality. The average monthly mortgage payment for Richmond Habitat’s homeowners is $600 each month.

Prior to purchasing homes built through Habitat, the two homebuyers will complete ten homeownership and financial education classes, monthly-one-on one budgeting sessions, and 350 hours of sweat equity helping to build their homes and the homes of other future homeowners. This ensures that homebuyers have the tools they need to be successful.

Richmond Habitat is in need of volunteers to complete homes this month, including this week at the Enfield and 5th Avenue sites. For more information and to register, visit 

Church Hill- 1206/1223 Site

AUGUST (cabinets/flooring, interior carpentry, shed)

  • Wednesday, 8/24- 1 spots
  • Thursday, 8/25- 3 spots
  • Friday, 8/26- 6 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/31- 1 spots

5th Avenue Rehab (Highland Park)

AUGUST (fence, touch up paint, punch out)

  • Thursday, 8/11- 2 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/17- 2 spots
  • Thursday, 8/18- 4 spots
  • Friday, 8/19- 5 spots
  • Saturday, 8/20- 1 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/24- 3 spots
  • Thursday, 8/25- 3 spots
  • Friday, 8/26- 4 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/31- 6 spots

Enfield Ave (Southside Richmond)

AUGUST (interior carpentry, painting, punch out)

  • Thursday, 8/11- 8 spots
  • Friday, 8/12- 5 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/17- 1 spots
  • Thursday, 8/18- 4 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/24- 4 spots
  • Thursday, 8/25- 5 spots
  • Saturday, 8/27-1 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/31- 4 spots

Richmond Henrico Turnpike New Build

AUGUST (drywall, painting, trim)

  • Thursday, 8/18- 1 spots
  • Wednesday, 8/24- 1 spot
  • Thursday, 8/25- 1 spots
  • Friday, 8/26- 1 spot
  • Saturday, 8/27- 3 spots



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