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Camp Half-Blood for a Summer of Fun and Adventure

This summer, Camp Half-Blood is coming to a park near you! We are excited to share an interview of our fearless leader Dr. Crystal Bobb-Semple aka Persephone, led by our former camper Samuel and his co-host Diego of The Half-Blood Report. Together they dive into a behind the scenes look at how Camp Half-Blood comes to life and this summer’s 2021 theme is revealed.

To see what we have in store for our campers, go here.

At Camp Half-Blood, we create a fully immersive and story-based camp experience that’s designed to unleash the hero within your child. Under the keen guidance of our caring and creative staff, campers are led through activities, games, and crafts that are inspired by stories of the ancients.

Some of our camp activities include sword training, armor forging, myth-crafting, Olympic games and interactive quests that will build your confidence, unleash your creativity and teach you the power of friendship.

Together we’re building a community of confident readers and storymakers. For more information and to register visit our website:

Check out Camp Half-Blood on SOCIAL MEDIA: 

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