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Community Meets RAL Needs with Shipped Pet Food Donations

In response to the effects of COVID-19 on the local community of pet owners, Richmond Animal League opened a pet pantry. This pantry has dog and cat food, as well as other donated supplies. Community members who need an extra hand during this unprecedented time are encouraged to come pick up donations from RAL’s North Chesterfield location (11401 International Drive; Richmond, VA 23236) at any time. 

“We don’t want anyone to have to give up a family member because they can’t afford food,” said RAL’s Director of Development Kaicee Robertson. “This pantry is here for anyone, at anytime. We’re here so help and are really humbled to be able to serve our community in this way.”

RAL’s pet pantry is completely stocked by donations. Last week, RAL had only one bag of cat food left for the pantry and a few bags of dog food. Asking for help on social media, RAL got an incredible response from the community. Just this week, Amazon, UPS, and the USPS have delivered of 250 boxes of donated food to RAL. Just a few minutes ago, the USPS post master arrived at RAL and said, “We have pallets and pallets of boxes for you.” Because of incredibly kind and generous donors and supporters, pets will be able to remain in their homes and will have full bellies during this time. 

On April 9, RAL shared on social media, “Today was absolutely incredible! We received 104 packages from Amazon, 36 from UPS, and a truckload of donations through USPS. We must give a BIG shout out to Antoine (amazon delivery), JB (UPS), and our Post Master for working so hard during this time and making sure packages are still getting where they need to go. And of course, THANK YOU to every single person who has donated to our food pantry so we can help families stay together. We don’t anyone to have to give up their dog or cat because they can’t afford food right now. The community response has been nothing short of amazing, and our hearts are full of so much love and hope.

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