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Cyberbullying Affects Our Kids

Arlington, VA — uKnowKids, a leading child safety company, re-released an updated infographic on cyberbullying. The infographic includes improved statistics and research from reputable sources, such as the Cyberbullying Research Center and Pew Internet, a project of the Pew Research Center.
uKnowKids Community Outreach Manager Tyler O’Rourke remarked that cyberbulling is still a concern for children online.  “We can see from the research we have done and the media we have produced that cyberbullying is not a problem that is going away anytime soon. This is why parents and educators need to continue to learn about this topic. More people realizing the scope of cyberbullying equates with more people being proactive to stop the problem.”
uKnowKids offers the following tips on behalf of National Bullying Prevention Month for parents:

  • It might seem obvious, but set a good example for your children: Kids learn from everything you do and will mirror your every action.
  • You can never communicate too much with your child on any topic: Make sure your child is prepared to identify cyberbullying and knows how to deal with an incident should it occur.
  • When you see it, address it: Whether it is bullying in your house or on your computer, if you discover a situation where your child is being bullied or bullying another child, it is your responsibility to intervene and stop it.
  • Lay down and clearly communicate ‘house rules’: What happens if your child gets caught being a cyberbully? Would you consider an amnesty policy for encouraging your child to tell you when something is wrong? Think about your “house rules” and discuss them with your whole family so everyone plays by the same rules.
  • Use a Parental Intelligence System: At the very least you should monitor your children’s social media accounts. Some parents choose to “friend” their child but with privacy settings, kids can easily block what mom and dad see.
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