Disney’s The Lion King


    The majesty of the African savannah comes alive in The Lion King, a stunning show displaying all of the wonders that imagination and an enriching culture have to offer. After viewing Broadway in Richmond’s production of The Lion King I was simply astounded by the marvelous performances, dance numbers, and the breathtaking costumes.

    A spectacular show for all ages, The Lion King offered numerous actors and actresses that delved deep into their characters and made the play unforgettable. With an impressive performance by Dionne Randolph as Mufasa, the beloved martyr, and an equally amazing antagonistic Scar, portrayed by J. Anthony Crane, this show offered many talented and deep actors and included highly gifted young children in the cast. This included Young Simba, played by Zavion J. Hill, and his adorable counterpart, Nala, played by Kailah McFadden.

    The miraculous costumes and puppet-like devices used to make characters come alive were simply outstanding. The costumes and puppetry, taken on by Julie Taymor (who also directed and wrote lyrics for numerous songs throughout the play), were alluring down to the last gazelle/bicycle device. All lion masks, each unique to the character, were beautifully crafted with an artistic flair and the exact amount of animal qualities needed to fulfill the costume but not overpower the actors.

    A truly outstanding production for all ages, The Lion King had audiences laughing, crying, and cheering inspired by captivating African culture and a spectacular show.

    Disney’s The Lion King is showing at Landmark Theater now through March 11.