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G-Force is a Big Hit for Party Fun and Lots More

I suppose it’s time to stop throwing a big birthday bash for my older son now that he’s going into middle school. But since he has a summer birthday, he’s technically not a middle-schooler yet, so I figured I could squeeze in one more party for my 11-year-old. With two boys close in age to each other, we’ve done just about every party known to man, or at least it feels that way. But the one we hadn’t tried yet was G-Force Karts, and I’m so glad we waited until this year to give them a try. I felt like I had hit the lottery when I found out they are now offering NERF parties – hooray, my son’s (and his friends’) current activity of choice!

Booking the party was a breeze, and I was really in heaven when they told me they’d handle everything from the pizza and drinks to the paper goods. All I had to bring was a cake (and they can even supply that if you’d like!) – it’s every busy parent’s dream-come-true! And kids as young as five can participate in the NERF party, so even our youngest friends could come to the party.

When we arrived, the G-Force staff made sure everyone had waivers filled out, then it was off to the NERF room to go over the rules. The kids were thrilled with the number of NERF guns in the armory from which to choose, and they could swap out their guns from one game to the next. They were outfitted with safety glasses, which were a must, and then they were split into two teams to battle it out. They had a blast running around the arena, hiding behind the big barriers (including a giant inflatable tank) and dodging NERF bullets, while three G-Force team members helped referee the games.

After NERF, our group headed to our party room for pizza and all-you-can drink drinks, then it was off to the karting area. Kids ages eight to fifteen and 48” to 70” tall can drive the junior karts, and you just need closed-toe shoes to be able to get behind the wheel. After receiving full instructions, they were off, and what a thrill it was for the kids to fly around the twisting and turning ¼ mile track! After their 8-minute race, we headed back to the party room for cake and gifts, and then it was off to the arcade for some video game fun before heading into the laser tag arena (for ages five and up). The two teams had an epic battle with the brand new tactical laser tag equipment, taking cover behind the full-size car inside the post-apocalyptic themed arena, and wearing themselves out, just in time to be returned to their parents.

G-Force also now offers virtual reality, which is an amazing experience. With four spacious VR bays, the latest VR equipment, and tons of VR games from which to choose, G-Force is a great place to check out this hot new craze. Archery tag is another of the new additions to the G-Force activity lineup. Think dodgeball combined with projectile weapons (that aren’t painful!), obstacles, and high-stakes targets. Kids ages eight and up will love this pulse-pounding adventure.

The facility is clean and has lots of open space for active kids, and the staff was fantastic to work with, especially our party host, Jacob (some of your kids may know him from G-Force’s popular summer camp!).

Any of their activities would be fun for corporate team-building or networking events, too. I might just need to have our next RFM production meeting at G-Force!

Check out all of their party options here!

(Margaret received a complimentary trial of this service in exchange for sharing her thoughts with RFM readers.)


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