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Glow For It at Maymont’s Annual Light-Filled Journey


Reviewed by Lindsay Garrison
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Since Maymont is one of our most cherished places in all of Richmond, we could not wait to explore this year’s Garden Glow event. Seeing some of Maymont’s most iconic spots – the Japanese Garden, Carriage House Lawn, and Woodland Trail – transformed and illuminated with such beauty – was absolutely mesmerizing.

Even through the kid’s favorite fort tree, we could see blocks of lights. Though the aesthetics are unmatched, the joy of Garden Glow isn’t simply in the lights, it’s in the experience.

During the two hours we spent at Garden Glow, we especially enjoyed making shadow puppets, playing rounds of musical chairs using light-up seats, following the Gum Drop Trail – the kids coined the name for the Candy Land-esque lights guiding our way through the gardens – and finishing our night with Jill’s Frozen Custard.

In the adjacent Glow Village, additional highlights include: oversized Jenga games, food trucks, fire pits.

We walked a little over two miles, so when you go, be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes. The hike to the lights is steep with some uneven ground. Make sure your kids are holding hands. The return trip is at an incline, so be prepared and maybe, if your kids are like mine, have a promise of a treat at the end. There are many food trucks, so there will be an option for everyone.

Garden Glow was completely unforgettable. Now someone help me figure out how to make my backyard look like that, because that beauty is something I wish I could see every day.

Garden Glow runs through November 7, Wednesday through Sunday night. For Maymont Garden Glow tickets and to schedule your visit, go here. 

photos: Lindsay Garrison

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