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Go Skate Skateboarding School

Go Skate Skateboarding School

Wel­come to Go Skate. A school which spe­cial­izes in instruc­tion for pro and begin­ner skate­board­ers in a safer and eas­ier way to improve your skills. It was estab­lished as the first national skate net­work in Amer­ica. The instruc­tors have more instruc­tional expe­ri­ence. Teach­ing skate­board­ing on site begins with safe demon­stra­tion and tech­nique. But then most of the coach’s work is about cor­rect­ing slight devi­a­tions from the cor­rect way of foot place­ment and timing.

The programs are for ages 4-14 years old and serve the greator Richmond area. From small group camps at the Pole Green Skate Park to private instruction in your driveway, Go Skate is here to help!

For more information, call 800-403-2405 or visit

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