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Helping Kids Deal with Divorce

Local professionals have the following suggestions about how to help your child navigate through the divorce process:

1. Tell them with both parents together – with no hostility or anger.

2. Assure them that they are not responsible.

3. Assure them it’s the parent’s decision and they cannot change the outcome.

4. Tell them that both parents still love them.

5. Give concrete information about how their lives will change or stay the same.

6. Do not ask them to take sides or make them your confidante.

7. Give them permission to stay friends with the leaving parent and their new family.

8. Maintain as many traditions and customs and activities as possible.

9. Keep promises – do what you say you will do.

10. Your home is their home.


For more information abut the Divorce Recovery Program at First Baptist Church in Richmond, contact

Geri Hale-Cooper at (804) 358-5458, ext 132.

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