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Here’s Your Link to the VPM Resource Page

Above, VPM CEO Jayme Swain greets a volunteer during an event. [Photo by Louise Keeton]

During the spread of COVID-19, VPM is an important resource for families with kids of all ages. is a hub for news, educational materials, and entertainment.

On this page, you’ll find links to:

  1. Continuing local news coverage from VPM News
  2. Access to the VPM PBS KIDS 24/7 channel video stream (also available for free, over the air)
  3. Educational games from PBS KIDS, plus a daily newsletter for parents
  4. VPM PBS Learning Media platform for educators and caregivers of pre-K through 12 students
  5. Easy access to our VPM Music stream, Passport video streaming platform, and television guide to keep our audience engaged and connected


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