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Humpback Whales at The Dome: Fascinating, Fun, and Inspired


Reviewed by Robin Schwartzkopf


On a beautiful spring afternoon, I set out with my sister for the Science Museum of Virginia to experience The Dome for the first time. We were seeing a movie (in the newly renovated dome theater) for which I had extremely high hopes. Humpback Whales, narrated by Ewan McGregor, did not disappoint in the fascination category.

When the the lights came on and the credits rolled, we were both in awe. I strolled out into the parking lot, warmed by the sunlight, convinced that I would pursue a career in whale science (also known as marine biology, I suppose). My sister scoffed at this prospect, as did the rest of my family, as biology has never been my strong suit, but the film still left me in a sort of alternate reality wherein that profession was a plausible one for someone with my marginal scientific strengths.

ScienceMuseum_whalesHumpback Whales is the perfect movie to pop into the Science Museum and enjoy with your family and friends. Its upbeat music and light wit, along with the soothing voice of the aforementioned Ewan McGregor, provides the viewer with a new look at our giant neighbors under the sea – the world’s largest marine mammals. Viewers explore the whales’ travels and behavioral patterns in Tonga, Alaska, and Hawaii as well as get an update on what we humans can do to save this gorgeous species from extinction.

The movie also explores the fascinating and humbling history of the whales, retelling of the treacherous deeds of the whaling industry, which almost wiped the species off the face of the earth just decades ago. I learned during the film that the start of the movement to save the whales came when one lonely sailor heard the song of the humpbacks, and his heart was touched. Yours will be too, when you watch Humpback Whales, playing at The Dome at Science Museum of Virginia, now through June 30.

At forty-five minutes, Humpback Whales is ideal for all ages. We sat near a dad with a toddler who seemed to really enjoy the images and the music. I’m sure my grandma will enjoy it when she visits later this spring. Check out Science Museum of Virginia for tickets and showtimes.


A graduate of Maggie Walker Governor’s School, Robin is a college student who enjoys the study of history, reading, watching movies, making sassy comments, playing volley football with her sisters, and writing, of course.

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