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Introducing Virginia’s Largest Food Co-op

Introducing Virginia’s largest Food Co-op

It is not new news that there is a growing movement towards local Farmer’s Markets as well as fresh food in grocery stores in the Greater Richmond area. The number of Farmer’s Markets in Virginia has more than doubled in the past 4 years. But that’s not all. Grocers like Fresh Market and Whole Foods continue to expand in all of our communities. People are seeking fresher food as a way to lead a healthier lifestyle. But not everyone can get to the Farmer’s Market each week and specialty grocers can get expensive. Enter The Farm Table an alternative, hassle-free, affordable way to get that tasty fresh food.

We are good for farmers, too. With the rapid expansion of Farmer’s Markets in the area, many of our favorite local farmers were getting tired and not able to keep up with the demand but still incredibly passionate about supplying fresh produce. The Farm Table buys directly from these farms which enables them to reach more people without the added stress of preparing for the Farmer’s Markets.

“We saw an opportunity to help farmers and our community. We saw an opportunity to bring real food to people who want to eat healthier and wanted the convenience of having home delivery” says Duane Slyder, Founder and Owner of The Farm Table.

The Farm Table started out in 2011 as an organization that wanted to rebuild a community by reconnecting people in Richmond with local farmers who are dedicating their careers to real food – food that is grown on sustainable land, harvested when it is at its peak of ripeness, and delivered fresh. After three years, that vision lives on and we are the largest food co-op in Richmond and Fredericksburg with growing communities in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia in 2014. Using a proprietary software system and a community of delivery members, we deliver over 1,000 boxes to homes and offices in an average week from February to December.

“I love The Farm Table! Everyone is so friendly and helpful and most importantly the produce is delicious and oh so fresh! I love the newsletter they send via email and the paper version in the box with recipes for some of my produce selection. Very clever” says member Marjorie.
In addition to creating a community of members 1600+ strong, we also are committed to other members of the larger community and donate a small truck load of produce to local charities such as St. Joseph’s Villa and St Thomas in Richmond, Hope House in Fredericksburg, as well as For Kids in Norfolk.

For more information, please contact Duane Slyder, Founder and Managing Director at 804-977-2752 or

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