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Last Week to See American Democracy Exhibit at the VMHC

On display at the VMHC through this Saturday, American Democracy: A Great Leap of Faith explores the continuing story of America’s bold experiment in a government “of, by, and for the people,” and the history of civic engagement in the U.S.

Developed by the National Museum of American History and adapted for travel by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, our government’s founding and continuing story comes to life through Smithsonian collection artifacts, contemporary objects, and touchable artifacts. In addition to in-exhibition artifacts, audio/video presentations from the Smithsonian and The History Channel and immersive technologies such as touch-screen adventures take visitors beyond the exhibition.

Plus, Commonwealth of Virginia employees receive free admission by showing their employee IDs or badges at the VMHC Guest Services Desk upon arrival. One free admission is available per badge or ID.

Read this comprehensive story about the VMHC in RFM here.

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