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Learning is Not One Size Fits All: The New Community School

Because Learning is Not One Size Fits All: Admissions Days for Smart Students Who Learn Differently December 6&7 at The New Community School

Does your smart student struggle in school with reading, writing or spelling? The New Community School offers a unique college preparatory program for students with language learning differences in grades 6-12. Hosting Admissions Days Open Houses on December 6th and 7th from 8:30am-12:00pm, New Community invites interested parents and students to drop by at a time that works for them or to schedule an appointment on another day by calling 804-266-2494.

The New Community School is one of a handful of secondary schools in the nation that remediates language skills while offering challenging, college-preparatory academics. Serving students who struggle with language learning difficulties, New Community uses the Orton-Gillingham approach (structured, phonetic, multi-sensory, diagnostic, and prescriptive) to guide each student’s remediation. Learning basic skills is the first step to restoring self-confidence.

Despite lower language skills, these students are intellectually capable of learning and engaging in a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum. What they need to succeed is direct one-on-one attention from teachers who are skilled in turning around specific difficulties with reading and writing. And that is exactly what New Community does. Students also enjoy athletics, practical and fine arts, and a rich program of student life activities.

“The New Community School is a great place to learn about how you learn as an individual and to meet people who can relate and understand you.” – New Community Eighth Grader

More About The New Community School

Founded in 1974, The New Community School provides a program of college preparation for dyslexic (specific language learning disabled) students, grades 6-12. The program includes both remediation of language skills and academic challenge appropriate for students of average to above-average intellectual potential. The school provides an environment that values and fosters personal growth, positive self-regard and the personal characteristics of a productive citizen. The New Community School serves as a resource to the educational community in the education of dyslexic boys and girls. The school is an independent, non-sectarian and non-profit day school accessible to dyslexic students of all races, creeds, ethnic origins and socio-economic backgrounds.


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