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Lewis and Clark Leadership Camps Offer Something Unique

lewis and clarkAt first glance Lewis & Clark Leadership Camps seem to be just another fun adventure camp for teens. Take a closer look and you will see more. Lewis & Clark Leadership, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Richmond that offers three distinct camp opportunities with unique elements. Our camps provide fun and challenging outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, canoeing, or ropes course with an added emphasis designed to develop the whole child into a productive adult. Lewis & Clark Leadership has developed a curriculum that focuses on life lessons, morality, accountability, tolerance, service, and leadership rooted in examples learned from our nation’s historical leaders. Whether campers are following in the footsteps of the Lewis and Clark expedition or floating down the James past countless historical sites, they come to understand the importance of understanding history to impact the future.

*NEW* Make A Difference Camps
Lewis & Clark Leadership believes that giving back to our communities is one of the building blocks to a full life. Our Make A Difference Camps are weekend and week-long camps based out of Westview on the James that offer teens the opportunity to participate in fun adventure activities and take part in community service projects. These projects will count toward fulfilling community service hour requirements for school and will be attractive to college admissions officers who consider participation in community service favorably on college applications.

Leadership Camps
Leadership skills play a critical role in teens’ academic and personal success. Lewis & Clark Leadership Camps provide a unique mix of camp activities and leadership lessons. During these trip & travel camps, based largely at historic sites in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina, campers may be rafting white water rapids in the morning, then using strategic solutions and team building exercises to solve problems encountered as they reenact portions of the Lewis and Clark expeditions in the evening. The evening time around the campfire is as important to our campers as the adventure activities.

On-Demand, Customizable Camps
This is where Lewis & Clark Leadership Camps really sets itself apart in the world of kids’ camps. By building a strong foundation of curriculum and strategic partnerships with outfitters and facilities such as Westview on the James, and by maintaining a core group of counselors, Lewis & Clark can offer on-demand, customized camps for existing organizations. In today’s households, teens are going in hundreds of different directions with multiple demands on their time. It’s becoming less and less realistic to fit a pre-determined camp week into their busy schedules. With Lewis & Clark Leadership’s on-demand camps friends, neighbors, sports teams, youth groups, etc., can get together and custom “build” a camp week to fit THEIR schedule and interests.

Lewis & Clark Leadership is excited to begin a new year of providing fantastic camp experiences that will develop young people into great leaders. Visit our website at and find us on Facebook.

Contact: Kris South
Lewis & Clark Leadership Camps

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