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Looking for a Virtual Learning Tutor?


As parents navigate how and when their kids will return to school, in the meantime many are turning to virtual tutors to help keep kids motivated and learning. But how to best look for a tutor? There are many different options out there to consider, from frequency and subject matter to types of tutoring businesses. The following BBB tips will help you find the best tutor for your child:

·  Know your options. There are many types of tutoring services including in-home and one-on-one sessions, small group lessons, online instruction, and tutoring centers. You’ll have to probably choose between hiring an individual freelance tutor or going through a tutoring company that will match you to a tutor. If you’re looking for a business, make sure to check There you can see a business’ BBB Rating, complaint history and reviews from past customers. You can also use the BBB Directory to find a trustworthy company.

·  Ask for referrals. Asking friends and family if they have any recommendations is a great place to start. You can also ask your child’s favorite in-school teacher or other school employees for referrals. Ensure the tutor’s knowledgeable in the areas your child needs help as well as experienced teaching to that student’s age.

· Check references. Ask the individual tutor or tutoring service for references, and then contact them. It’s best to speak to at least three references. Ask about their experience with the tutor. When you’re interviewing potential tutors, make sure they understand what you’re seeking. Some tutors are better at homework help, some are better at long-term lessons, and others are better at quick test prep.

·  Discuss the details. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make sure to talk about availability – when is the tutor free and how flexible are they? It’s important to agree on pricing before hiring a tutor. Price will depend on the level of experience of the tutor, frequency and type of sessions, and whether or not you’re going through a tutor center. It’s also a good idea to talk to the tutor about benchmarks of success beforehand. Communicate your goals and how you’ll measure them.

· Include your child. The most important factor to consider is your child’s comfort with the tutor. Make sure to include your child in the hiring process. If your child isn’t comfortable with, or doesn’t like, a tutor it can have a big impact on the session’s effectiveness.

·  Find a qualified tutor near you in the BBB directory. 

Barry N. Moore is president & CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Central Virginia, including Metro Richmond, Fredericksburg, Charlottesville, Petersburg, along with forty-two Virginia counties. Barry lives in Richmond with his family.

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